If you have questions about coming to 澳博app下载网址, we can help. 请参阅下面的常见问题解答. 仍然需要答案? 与招生顾问联系. 




No! We have two metro rail stops on our campus 和 multiple public bus stops as well. Public transportation is a great way for students to get around the city.  学生们在需要的时候也会使用Lyft和Uber.

Freshman residents 和 commuter parking passes are $70 for the year.

拥有超过 100个俱乐部和组织 很容易找到你感兴趣的东西! 在学期开始的时候, student life hosts an activities fair where you have the chance to meet 和 learn about all the clubs 和 organizations on campus. 

除了我们的20支NCAA一级联赛球队,我们还有 校内的俱乐部团队

Students have different options when it comes on campus dining 和 food 计划.  

是的! The Snowbound Program is a program where we allow commuter students an opportunity to live in college housing for roughly 40 days during each semester. 只有在有可用空间时才提供. The student would pay a daily rate for the days he/she lives on campus (its the actual semester rate broken down to a daily rate). At the end of the 40 days they have to make a choice of either becoming a permanent resident or moving home. Typically 80% of the people who participate in the program choose to remain in the residence halls. 

是的,我们为通勤者提供特别的饮食计划. It’s convenient to have a food plan as a commuter when you have long days on campus! 

Once you pay your housing your deposit you will need to complete the housing application. Once that is submitted you will have access to an online program that will help you meet other students looking for roommates. You’ll complete a profile 和 then filter for students with common interests 和 habits. 如果你自己找不到合适的人, we will assign you a roommate based of the preferences you stated in your housing application.  

是的, for Fall 2022 we are offering a limited number of single rooms for freshman. 

Freshman 和 sophomore students who live outside of the commuting radius are required to live on campus. 


别担心! Many students start their college careers unsure about what they want to study. We have many resources available for students to help them select a major, including 游骑兵, our academic exploration program for first-year students. You are never on your own with the support of the 格里夫学生成功中心 和 your advisor.

Do you offer tutoring for classes I may need extra help in?
The 辅导中心 is free for students 和 offers a comprehensive level of tutorial services to best support students in successfully completing their academic careers while assisting them in developing the skills to become successful lifelong learners. It provides a dedicated staff of peer tutors ready to assist students in their academic pursuits.

If I had accommodations in high school, can I get them in college?
是的, 学生无障碍支援服务 offer a wide array of services to ensure all students can be successful at 澳博app下载网址

你会尊重我的AP, IB或大学学分课程吗? 
Students may obtain credit for college-level courses delivered in high school through advanced placement exams, 国际文凭分数, CLEP考试, 和 submission of transcripts from accredited two- 和 four-year institutions. A maximum of 30 credit hours will be granted to first-time freshmen enrolling directly from high school. 你可以找到更多澳博app下载网址 从高中转学分过来

Once you have submitted your tuition deposit, you will complete the Course Preference Form. This form will prompt the new student advisement team in the Griff Center to reach out to you to set up a time to meet by phone or in person to create your schedule 和 register for classes. 


Who should I contact for questions about my financial aid package, 申请贷款, 制定付款计划, 或者任何与财务有关的东西?
The Office of 学生记录和财务服务 can be contacted at 716-888-2600 or by email at studentservices@thechestnuthill.com.

由医生和注册护士组成, 学生健康 提供易于访问的服务, individualized 和 targeted to treating illnesses 和 injuries common to college students.


你的押金是用来维持你的座位的. The deposit is $200 if you are commuting 和 $400 if you are living in a residence hall on campus. 你可以 网上存款 (login info included with your acceptance letter) or by calling 716-888-2200.

Our m和atory three-day summer Griff新定位 (NGO) program for all incoming undergraduate first-year 和 transfer students will take place Thursday, 8月25日至28日, 2022. The New Student Summer Orientation program includes resident student move-in day, 主席的欢迎和祝福, 学术日, 学生生活日, 各种研讨会, 夜间娱乐, as well as multiple opportunities that will build community 和 tradition among all students.